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The Story of 


As a child, all that you come across tends to be exciting, an adventure, a time when anything is possible and the world is your playground where there are only hidden treasures to be found, pirates to be fought, princesses to be saved and lava floors to evade. Many people tend to forget this as life takes over and adulthood finds us. This is where we come in, to remind you of those moments long forgotten, to bring your senses back to life and help your memories to come flooding back. 


Let us entice your senses, enlighten your soul and revitalise your spirit with our home fragrances and crystal jewellery.


Whether you choose from our selection of candles or botanical wax melts, let the entrancing flavours of our essential fragrance oils flow into your lives and wrap you in delicious, delicate and enriching scents. Illuminating you from your very core.


Dress your vessel in Earth's treasures. These little windows of eternal knowledge and power. They will act as beacons to guide you and help you evolve into your higher self...if you are willing to listen, they will be ready to receive you...

And so, we create, we listen and we are enlightened every step of the way on this beautiful journey with you and for you so why not join us for the ride...


Awaken your soul,

Awaken your magic,

Awaken your aura.


Auralite London.

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