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Crystal Care

1) Cleaning crystals - depending on the 'hardness' of the crystal you can either run it under water to wash away any dirt or dust or simply use a dust cloth to wipe them down. In terms of which crystals can be placed in water, we tend to go with the rule that any crystal that ends in 'ite' should never come in contact with water as it can dissolve and diminish the appearance of your crystal i.e. turn it from polished and shiny to dull and matt. To know the hardness of your crystal - the 'Mohs Scale' can provide this information. Any crystal with a hardness of 1-5 should not be submerged in water but any crystal with a hardness of 6-10 is safe to be submerged in water.

2) If you have opted for candles with crystals, these will either be small chips or tumble stones. To clean these, remove them from your candles either when the candle wax has reached a full melt pool so they can be removed easily (extinguishing your candle before removing them) or when the candle has finished and the crystals are in the bottom of the holder. Then give them a quick wash with warm soapy water and either place in the incentive pouch provided with your purchase for safe keeping or an alternative place of your choosing.

3) If you are unable to extract the crystals from the bottom of your holder when your candle has finished, pour hot water into the holder. As the water cools, any remaining wax should rise to the surface forming a disc as it cools. Once the water is completely cool, remove the wax disc and discard or place in your wax burner and use as a wax melt. Drain the water and remove the crystals. Repeat the process if there is still wax in the holder.

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