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Candle Care

Wooden wick candles are an innovative alternative from your traditional cotton wick candles. They provide a cleaner burn with little to no soot and have an excellent fragrance diffusion. Our wooden wicks have a beautiful crackle to them as they burn, a crackle that is reminiscent of logs burning on a fire creating a captivating acoustic ambiance and a whole new sensory delight for each individual. 

1) Lighting your wooden wick - wooden wicks take approximately 10-15 seconds to light when lighting for the first time, this is due to the nature of wood having a higher burn temperature than cotton.

2) Burning your candle for the first time - allow the wax to melt to the edge of the holder. This provides an even melt pool and prevents an uneven burn or tunnelling. Tunnelling or an uneven melt pool shortens the life of your candle which is why it is important to follow these guidelines.  

3) Recommended burn time - 30cl candle 2-4 hours | 20cl candle 2-3 hours | 12cl candle 1-2 hours. Burning your candles for longer than the recommended time can cause the wax to burn too hot and thus burning the essential fragrance oils along with it. It also makes the holder too hot to handle and you can run the risk of burning yourself or your surfaces if not careful.

4) Keep the wick trimmed to 5mm before each burn. To trim a wooden wick, snap off some of the burnt wood between your fingers, discard then relight. If you have not trimmed your wick, it will not light properly. Just as wax has "burn memory" so do wooden wicks.

5) Each candle comes with a lid, this can be used as a stand to place your candle on when lit but between burns, when the candle is extinguished, keep the lid on to prevent any dirt or debris getting onto the candle surface. Keeping the lid on also extends the life of the essential fragrance oils as they remain "locked" inside the candle.

6) Do not store the candles in direct sunlight. When lit, place in a well ventilated area. Always keep away from children and pets. Remove any decorations from the candle tops to avoid any burns or fires.

7) Sit back and enjoy your crackle wooden wick candle experience. 

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