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A Little About 


Auralite London has been a dream in the making since 2011, one which came to life in 2020. Since then it continues to grow and blossom and we are delighted to discover you love it as much as us!

Monique and her family have over 75 years of experience combined in the art of fragrance, design and beauty. There are two things we love here, an exceptionally good scented interior fragrance - be it in the form of candles, wax melts or diffusers, and those sparkly Earth treasures known as crystals. Who doesn't like a good candle and a bit of sparkle right? 

Luxury interior fragrances, especially the art of candle making goes back more than five thousand years where Ancient Egyptians, Sumerians and later Romans paved the way for us to evolve and develop the candles we have today. So after years of studying this art form and countless hours of testing we were finally able to create a product we could be proud of when launching our crackle wood wick, crystal infused candles for Christmas 2020. After candles we introduced botanical wax melts and continue to expand our interior fragrance range. 


Our Mission... to produce eco friendly, cruelty free and sustainable products that are safe for you, your families, animals and the planet.


We are proud to say our interior fragrances contain no nasties and are free from palm, paraffin, petroleum, beeswax, soy, dyes and synthetic additives as well as being plastic free. Each essential fragrance oil used has been meticulously researched and tested to ensure the ingredients are safe from any dangerous chemicals that can be hazardous to your health, your pets and the environment. The wooden wicks are from FSC certified mills from a company who give a percentage of each sale to Trees for the Future who have so far planted over 190 million trees, restoring acres of land and helping impoverished villages. Finally any crystals we use are sourced from reliable, ethical and trustworthy traders who to our knowledge ensure all mining is done with minimal impact to the Earth and with health and safety at the top of their list for the miners bringing us the best quality crystals.​

Our Promise... to always bring you high quality, hand-crafted, luxury interior fragrances and crystal items. We aspire to provide our customers with an unforgettable fragrance experience. With that in mind we source only the finest ingredients and materials for all the products, which are made from eco-friendly, sustainable plant based wax, rich and opulent essential fragrance oils and high grade crystals.


We promise to be as carbon negative as possible. We contribute towards this by ensuring your parcels contain only biodegradable and dissolvable packing peanuts and recyclable tissue paper. The plastic bubble wrap occasionally used is from previous deliveries we have received from our suppliers; we have never and will never purchase plastic bubble wrap intentionally, so any we do have, at no fault of our own, we will always recycle or reuse. We trust you will recycle this also, should you find it in your box, which is also recyclable. With every purchase, a percentage of each sale goes towards planting more trees.


Finally, we promise to always have time for you and to provide you with exceptional customer service. You are fundamental to what we do and we would not have reached this point without you. Thanks to you we have now sold countless candles worldwide with our candles travelling as far as Australia. The Auralite London family will always be here for you and to ensure you are happy with each purchase.

So from our family to yours, we present to you, Auralite London.

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